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Scone Recipe History & Tradition

A little history!...

The word scone is said to have come from the name of a place where Scottish kings were crowned. This place was known as 'The Stone Of Destiny'.

"Scone is a town in Scotland where the Scottish kings were crowned. Pronounced skoon rather than scawn. The stone of destiny is the stone that sat below the throne that the kings were crowned on."
- Sent by F. Bridgeford (Scotland)

Early scones was baked from oats and was shaped like a triangle. Todays they are traditionally flour-based and are baked in the oven unlike the early days when they were griddle-baked.

Scones are fairly easy to bake and are a great complement to the traditional English Tea!

Our scone recipes are completely free and divided into two main sections, as shown below - please enjoy!

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How to Bake the Perfect Scone
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