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A Bit Of Fun With Celebrity Scone Recipies

Scones are a popular meal for many because they are filling and relatively easy to eat. You can eat them on the go or even when you're in front of the computer doing work or random stuff like surfing the 'net and playing poker. This prompted us to come up with the idea for celebrity scones.

Imagine you were a scone, would you be a savoury scone or a sweet scone, would you be served warm or cold?

For a bit of fun here at, we have taken the basic scone recipe shown below and added a variety of toppings to make 'celebrity scones'. Read on and see if you can identify to which famous person each scone relates!

Now to make your scones celebrity scones....

1) Add 2 large cherries for a Pamela Sconederson.
2) Add some 'Waisins' for a Jonathan Woss Scone! :)
3) Please send us your suggestions for more celebrity scone recipes to!